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tv   Today  NBC  April 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> there better not! hey, everody! it's thirsty thursday. it's april 7th and we're celebrating a very big day around here. we celebrate something all of the time. >> this is extra big. >> what day is it, hodi? >> it is our eighth anniversary.
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started this show. [ cheers and applause ] that was mercy. >> that was just a mercy clap! we can't even afford real confetti! [ laughter ] >> cheap trick is in the house. all right. they're going to sing for you. for the anniversary. >> yep. they first formed in 1973. they're going to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame tomorrow night. we're thrilled for them. one more that neil is he dakka hasn't been. >> we're so excited, we're busting. >> one of our favorite ladies is here. >> mindy kaling. >> and on her second glass of my stuff. >> how is it, mindy? >> i've had -- this is my second glass of wine. >> and she's not lying. >> making myself at home. i've been here all night. >> well, we're so happy you're here. >> "mindy project." >> it's big. left us on a cliffhanger, and you're about to give it all up
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>> she gave it up a long time >> okay. i've been here for nine hours drinking wine. >> you're almost ready for us. >> also celebrating its eighth anniversary, ambush makeover. two deserving women getting all glammed up this week. we were already doing that before i joined the show. >> in action. all right. so we're going to make -- wait. it's a couple things. it's national housework day. >> no housework. >> that's what i said. no housework day and national beer day. >> so you can sit around at home in your filthy house and drink beer all day long. no condemnation. >> we're going to entertain you this next hour with fun new stuff. and also a couple look-backs. >> that's what they say. we never know. and apparently the property brothers sent us anniversary message. we love those guys. let's watch. >> i wanted to come in person and wish you happy eighth anniversary but the restraining order. >> i didn't know you ever
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>> yeah. >> they're on probation. >> that's good. we go eight years, and one sound bite? i love the property brothers. >> i know. >> come on! >> i know. couldn't we have had -- i don't know. >> i don't know. okay. >> tiny tim? somebody. >> alrighty. we had a great, great day yesterday. >> hoda and i celebrated a little early. we went to one of our favorite places. in the theatre area. frankie and johnnie's, brand new facility there. fantastic. >> by the way, i don't remember the street it's on. they moved into a very cavernous -- >> between 18th and 29th. it was great. >> that was my stuff sitting in front of me. but did you notice they crapped it so you couldn't see it. nothing changes. or they put a thing over it. thank you, thank you. we went to see -- it takes a lot for me to go to broadway any more. i'm just not a fan.
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this. hoda and i went both bonkers over "waitress" a musical, now in previews. and the magnificent jesse mueller there. >> if you guys remember, she was carole king in "beautiful." and a lot of people -- once you saw her as carol, you wonder if you could see her as anything else. the minute you see her on the stage, you don't see her in anything but the character she's playing. >> love her so much. >> it's from the movie that kerry russell was in. remember she's making pies, ma and pa pie, making my husband pie? >> she's just extraordinary. jesse is. and so is sara burr ellis who wrote the music and lyrics for it. you know what, it's such a feel-good musical. and women were -- it's women love this thing. 90% of the audience. so you women grab your guys. >> and go. >> if they're your taste and come on down. they gave us these little pies. >> little pie. >> and when you walk into the theater -- >> tell it, tell it. >> you smell like freshly baked pie. unbelievable. >> it's not even --
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like, hodi. it doesn't have any cream, honey. >> i'm going to the bottom. >> you can't have that. >> i'm going anyway. >> mindy, would you like some pie to go with your stuff? >> yeah. >> oh, you would? >> sure. >> that's key lime. you want key lime? >> this is banana. >> key lime is great. >> you're going to love this musical, by the way. it's really good. >> i love the movie. >> you did? okay. here. let me give you -- >> oh, you're going to feed me! very romantic. hoda, are we in love now? >> i think we might be. bye, babe. >> alrighty. so this is a nice way to celebrate. >> what? >> we made "variety's" power women list. i don't know what that means, but it's awfully nice. [ cheers and applause ] >> they said after -- >> very self-congratulatory day. that. >> i know. but they said after eight years, we're still rockin' it. let's talk about our eighth year anniversary, shall we? we have done -- let's get our calculator.
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let's turn the calculator on. does it work? okay. so anyway -- >> hey, wait a minute. i won that the other day and they took it back. >> exactly. wait. how do you -- turn it on? >> i think it's on. >> no, it's not. >> no, it's not. don't ask technical questions. >> is there an on button? where? i've never seen a calculator. >> thank you, dear. will you do the calculating for us, since we already paid you to be on camera? >> all right. here we're done. in eight years, we've done 2,000 and we get four glasses times four to a bottle, then what? that's two-and-a-half bottles a week. what am i punching in? >> we don't drink a bottle of wine, hoda! >> wait, a glass. and two weeks a year and that's 130 bottles over eight years we've had over the course of our entire eight years, we have
10:07 am
>> we have not! >> yes, we have. >> you are perpetuate ing the myth. >> i am not! it's a glass a day during the week, and hocus pocus. 1,000 tt >> we don't drink the whole y! i don't believe you. >> stop fighting it. >> my attorney is here! >> it's time to just go for it. >> okay. >> our first guest, do you remember? very first guest. >> harvey firestein was here. >> let's take a look. >> hi. it's harvey firestein on the stage of " kinky boots" here on broadway. and i am here to say happy 80th anniversary. oh, eight. eighth anniversary. >> 80th -- >> i was your first guest. i was your first guest! now we've grown old together. i love you. a morning would not be a morning without you. happy anniversary, kathie lee
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>> thank you, harvey! >> such a sweet man. that really made me happy that day. >> that was sweet. >> when they won the tony and my show didn't -- >> yeah, then you weren't so happy. >> then i didn't like him so much. >> let's take a look back, you guys, at our past eight years. >> wow. >> wow! >> it is time for the new edition to the "today" show, ms. kathie lee gifford! first of all, you know there's no backing out when they have our mug! it is a significant day here at the "today" show, because -- >> in history, actually. >> in history, it is kathie lee's one-year anniversary. >> with my hoda woman! >> it's our third anniversary. >> my hair is pretty much the same. but, boy, have you changed! >> we are celebrating, because it is our five-year anniversary. >> whew-hoo! >> it is our sixth anniversary. >> yay!
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>> i can't believe it's been seven years. >> i had signed for a year and i thought i can work with anybody for a year. >> happy anniversary. >> i love you very much. >> love you too. >> see, we don't have the itch at all. >> the truth is -- >> happy! >> happy -- >> anniversary. [ doorbell rings ] >> oh! someone at the door? >> oh! >> hello, girls! happy anniversary! >> thank you! >> thank you, steve! >> this is why they didn't want a lot of stuff on the table. how are you? >> thank you! >> everything is great. >> all right? >> everything is great. so eight years ago, your first year on the air, i went on the street, if you remember. >> yes. >> to see if people knew who you were. so let's take a look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you recognize these two girls? >> no, not really. >> i think her name is cathy, right? >> kathie lee. >> and who is this one? >> i know her, but i don't know the name. >> what's her name?
10:10 am
the guy from the millionaire show. >> take a look. take a good look. >> kathie lee griffin. >> kathie lee griffin. >> kathie lee clifford. no. >> you never heard of her? >> no. >> i'll give you $2. >> i'll give you $1. she was on tv before they had remote controls here. >> oh. she looks good for it. she had some botox. [ laughter ] >> and i bought a whole lot since then too. >> that was eight years ago. right? >> okay. >> now yesterday i went out ain. >> oh-oh. >> to see if people know who you are now. >> okay. >> ugly. >> bad. >> have any idea who these two ladies are? do you know who these girls are? >> no. >> no idea? >> no idea. >> do you know who that is? >> um -- no. >> kathie lee and hoda. >> that's their names? >> yes. >> uh, she seems familiar. >> that is, um -- her name.
10:11 am
the "today" show person. kelly? >> i don't know. i'm the worst person -- >> isn't that kathie lee and i forgot her co host's name. it's not hoda, though. is it hoda? >> these are friends of mine, do you have any idea who they are? >> kathie lee gifford and hookwa, i think. >> which one is -- what about this one? do you know who these ladies are? >> kathie lee and hoda. >> happy anniversary, kathie lee and hoda. >> happy anniversary! >> kathie lee and hookla. i can't think of her last name. happy anniversary to both of you guys. >> wow. awesome. we have come a long way. >> happy anniversary, girls! >> thank you. >> love you, honey. >> a pleasure. [ doorbell ] >> oh-oh! >> happy anniversary! i like to make an entrance. happy anniversary! this is for you and this is for you. >> what?
10:12 am
anniversary. i don't know if you guys know that. >> no! >> yeah. so i got you something i think you'll appreciate. >> oh! what is this? >> something we can actually use. >> i spent a lot of time thinking about this. lace. >> love them! >> look at mine! >> and just like -- >> that must have been for me. that's an old lady nightgown. >> these are from the heart. >> oh! >> and they cost a lot of money, so -- i just wanted you guys to enjoy them. i don't know if you're getting emotional. eight years ago, i didn't know you guys would make it. no, i'm kidding. >> thank you, mindy! >> you look like you don't like your religious nightgown. >> is it religious? [ laughter ] >> i feel like you don't like your -- >> it's not victoria's secret, is it? i love them. >> love them. >> i love them. >> give it to your girlfriend.
10:13 am
>> thank you, very much, mindy. she's still going to be back. >> i don't know if you know this, but over the eight years, i've gotten to choose 300 ihoda songs. songs i love. >> wonder i'm alive. >> the first one was "say hey" by michael franti. do you know that one? >> no. >> here's the newest one. it dropped today. it's for a baby, you have to take care of him and feed him and wipe his -- this is called "ain't your mama." i ain't gonna do your laundry i ain't your mama i ain't your mama >> it's kind of fun, right? >> like it. >> j. lo's new song. today. >> did you ever have a boyfriend like that, mindy? >> the one i had to baby? >> yeah. >> yeah, of course. >> did you, steve? >> really? >> yeah -- yeah. >> doesn't have it together.
10:14 am
you're not like that. >> no, i'm not like that. >> you're a real man. >> thank you for helping us celebrate. >> thank you very much. >> we're going to see you back. >> i'm not -- >> have you tried the red? >> thank you. >> where's mine? >> you can buy this on sirius xm, channel 108. and i do a show there. >> every monday and wednesday at 2:00. >> guess who is up next? >> her. >> i guess i'm not going anywhere? >> i don't think so. sit down with us, actually. >> right after this.
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she's so -- >> she was recently called one of laughter's leading ladies. so true. but her fans have known that all along. >> we're talking about the hilarious -- >> mindy kaling! >> and this woman does it all as creative executive producer. >> check. >> writer and star. >> check. >> of her hit comedy "the mindy project." >> just when you think the show can't get any funnier, you can count on mindy's character to
10:18 am
>> well, you're private citizens denounced by the jewish anti defamation league. >> you want to take a rosh hashanah, that's your new year's. how many new year's do you want? >> you know i love you, but it's harder to get people to like you who you aren't paying. >> who you aren't paying. yeah. >> yeah. >> my character has a hard stance against rosh hashanah. something you don't see very often. >> how do you sleep at night? you collapse because you're so tired. >> a lot of people share the first name so people think we're the same character. >> yeah. >> there's a little there -- >> why don't you just go ahead and tell us what's going to happen? >> i'll tell only you guys. there my character is deciding whether or not she should stay with a guy who is amazing in so many different ways.
10:19 am
and wants her to stay at home. and, yeah, it was pretty dramatic. for me, because i've had like nine glasses of wine in 15 minutes. so i'm cheerful. >> you're my target demographic. >> i'm the demographic. i'm sitting every morning waiting for that news stuff -- i just want to be with you guys. >> exactly. >> the show is pretty dramatic for my permanent. so now we come back and see the decision she made. and it's super funny. and poignant and good. i think you guys would actually like it. >> i do like it! and we love you. so what do you think is the -- the common thread of why so many different people love you and love your show? because it is very different. >> um -- well, i think it's because -- you know, i don't know. i was raised not having anyone who really looked like me. in the media, but still thinking there was a place for me. >> yeah. >> and i think that there's a lot of people watching the show who don't see themselves reflected, but are like, oh, she's doing it. >> yeah.
10:20 am
happy. >> i bet you're that -- >> i often hear i have the entitledment of like a white man. but i have like -- i come into the world thinking i'm the main -- willie geist. >> yeah. >> confidence. >> you're awesome, by the way. >> there is so much sexual tension. >> it's really obvious, okay? >> i feel like it's the morning. i don't want to make it inappropriate. he's married, he's a wonderful wife -- >> things often don't work out. so there is hope. >> like swans, and you're going that way. >> what's going on? >> you have to go at a certain point where you're a dark-skinned woman, you test out being blonde. you try it. we can't just let her have all of the fun. >> how does it feel? >> i like it. there's a reason that's a saying. do you know what, i think it makes my features pop. i don't know. someone once said that. i wanted to say that for a while.
10:21 am
something you love, too, on your show. >> uh-huh. is it decorative? i'm supposed to drink it, right? i thought -- this is delicious. >> you're giving olivia munn a run for her money. >> i can outdrink olivia munn. >> you can? >> "the mindy project" premiers next tuesday! >> does that mean i can drink olivia munn under the table? >> yes! >> yay!
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10:25 am
has died, no, it's completely disrespectful and ungrateful, hoda woman. >> i totally agree. i say no, it is never okay. their time is equally as valuable as yours. >> good girl. yeah. >> yeah. alrighty. two moms check out their gorgeous ambush makeovers! >> it's coming up after your local news. hey, you're going to do great. hi. general mills is removing artificial flavors
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wow. live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live look there, bit of a wait getting on the george
10:28 am
10:27 on this thursday, april 7th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. first lady michelle obama is going to visit school children in new jersey this afternoon in newark. help students plan a vegetable garden part of her american garden tour to promote healthy food options for young people. al roker will be with the first lady for the event. you can see his one-on-one interview with her tomorrow morning on "today." rain heavy at times, 59 for the high. tomorrow leftover shower possible, brisk, chilly high of 50, then saturday rain and, yes, wet snow possible, 40 degrees. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda. pastry chef puts a sweet twist on pasta. join us again at noon and all
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president
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is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. it's thirsty thursday, and in case you didn't know, hoda and i are celebrating our eighth anniversary. we're very happy today. >> yay! >> right. and what better -- what better way to celebrate than with a segment we've been doing since the very, very beginning. ambush makeover. >> two lucky ladies plucked from the plaza with transformations. >> from the louis licari cutler salon, home to the stars. louis licari, la la la la >> and our lovely fashionista, jill martin! >> on this anniversary, how was
10:31 am
>> it was better than ever. every year is getting better than the previous one. and i can't tell you how happy i am to be here. >> andrea scott, our first lucky lady, turning 30 on monday. a school social worker and a mom to a 1 1/2-year-old son. watches our show all of the time and that's when she was on maternity leave and decided she needed to be ambushed. so here in new york for the first time for her birthday. let's listen to her story. >> we're both celebrating milestone birthdays this week so i know how it feels. what did you hope to achieve today? >> i'm excited to turn 30. a little nervous. i would love to look like i'm 30, a little more mature. and feel like i look 30. >> well, we're going to make you look 20. but are you excited? are you nervous? >> a little nervous. yeah. but i'm very excited too. >> happy birthday! >> thank you. >> she is here with her lovely sisters, angela and heather. hey, kids. keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is andrea scott before.
10:32 am
let's see the new andrea scott! >> whew! >> all right, angela, heather, take off your blindfolds. check out your -- >> wow. >> you look amazing. >> the time has come. >> okay. >> spin around, girl and happy birthday to you. >> oh, my gosh. >> beautiful! >> i can't believe it. >> wow! >> spin right around. we want to see on camera as well. >> i want to look 32, but it's not happening. here's what we did. we lightened her hair with a highlight. and more on the ends. soften the base. and then jenny balding gave her this great haircut. just a bob with texture ends, looks very modern. >> great. >> she's chicer. not so much looking 30, looking more up to date. >> that dress fits her -- >> a career dress, same as yours. >> yes. >> and the shoulder pads give
10:33 am
>> andrea and heather, are we freaking? >> yes. >> beautiful. >> give a round of applause! >> yay! >> happy birthday, sweetheart. >> our second lady is nicole, 44 from nebraska. works as a massage therapist. she's been married for 21 years and has five children. here visiting colleges with one of other daughters. now listen to this. she has lost 60 pounds since october. >> what? >> and is very excited for a fashion upgrade to complement her new figure. let's listen to her story. >> well, congratulations on losing 60 pounds. so we're happy we can give you this gift. so what do you want out of today? >> just a new look. i'm ready for something you can do anything you want. and just ready for a change! >> well, you've achieved so much. so we're so happy we can -- and i know you're emotional. so we're so happy we can give this to you. >> thank you so much. >> our ladies are just so beautiful to begin with. she's her with her daughter, who is also gorgeous. one last look at nicole and then
10:34 am
>> wow! my gosh. >> oh-oh. >> go ahead. >> wow. >> oh my god. you look so good! >> you really do. are you ready to turn around, nicole and see what she's talking about? go right ahead. >> oh! wow! >> you look gorgeous. >> you look like jessica rabbit. >> hot. >> which is a compliment. >> you look awesome! >> oh! -- >> we need this. >> cassidy too. >> oh, my gosh, ladies. please hold it together. >> this is the story of revitalization. i took her color and made it just her red which was fading which happens as years go by and made it a bright red. >> wow. >> siren red! >> and jenny balding put the layers so she could wear it loose -- in other words, right out of the shower, it will be
10:35 am
or -- and of course to go. >> go to your mom. hold on. we're having a real moment, louis. >> yeah, sorry, louis. >> tell us about the dress, jill. >> look at that body! 60 pounds. this is new by shonny. >> bring andrea back in too. >> congratulations. to our ladies. all right. when it comes to delicious desserts, he takes the cake. >> gus gold will show us a twist on pops. and guess who else is coming up? cheap trick and -- >> bobbi thomas! what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena cosmetics. powders, concealers and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins and antioxidants. your skin will look beautiful when you wear it and even after you take it off. neutrogena cosmetics see what's possible.
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10:40 am
creating epic life-size cakes. and now he and his team will construct the most massive cake imaginable on his new show "cake masters" premiering this monday. congratulations. people are going to love that. >> our team called for a challenge to make a pasta dessert and a surprise for us on our eighth. >> that doesn't sound right. pasta dessert. >> pasta dessert. the weirdest thing. >> so we've got some olive oil. >> olive oil, honey. vanilla, creme fresh and walnuts. >> i love walnuts. >> so these flavors are really, really good. and you know, it's spring. that's the vanilla bean right there. first thing we do is boil some pasta. this is angel hair, cooks really fast. follow the directions on the box. probably three minutes. >> all right. >> go ahead and boil that. what we're going to do here, this is the vanilla bean. you can use like vanilla extract if you want. something different. but fresh vanilla always tastes amazing. >> just slide it right out.
10:41 am
you guys see that? and it all comes out. and look and look. and then there it is. and that's the vanilla. >> look at it. look at that! >> that looks awesome. >> i love the taste. >> so what are you putting that -- >> that's creme fresh. you can also use greek yogurt. you can use -- >> like a facial here. >> straight up sour cream if you can't find the creme fresh. >> a little honey. >> a little honey. and whisk it together. it looks like mayonnaise, it's not. you have honey and vanilla. and then you whisk it together, and look -- look what this becomes. it's beautiful. >> uh-huh. >> this is the most beautiful sauce. because the vanilla is in there but with a different depth. beautiful. >> so when your pasta is cooked, you're going to fry it? >> let's say it is. >> here's your pasta. so what we're going to do is, take the pasta, sometimes it gets a little sticky. but you want it to be like after it gets cold, it gets a little sticky like that. and you turn it -- >> warm it up? >> what you want to do is really twirl it. >> like a meatball.
10:42 am
so twirl it like that. and there you go. and then -- >> you take those blobs? >> take those guys. >> oh, and you're frying them up. >> we're going to fry them. so let's stick them right in here. upside down. >> that's the hardest part is keeping them together as a little blob. >> look at that! >> and there it goes. and that's just pasta. there is nothing on there, right? no sugar. >> okay. >> at this point, you could go savory if you wanted to. >> so you could add tomato sauce to it. >> you could add tomato sauce and a whole wheat pasta, gluten free pasta. >> how long does it take to get crunchy like that? >> about a minute, minute and a half. >> okay. >> here's your pasta right here. you can take them -- >> looks like a little bird's nest. >> adorable. >> here's how you plate it. this is the creme fresh sauce. >> put that on the bottom. >> right there. give it a little -- make a nice little circle. here's the pasta here. and then what i've also done, i've made a honey with orange zest and lemon zest.
10:43 am
>> because it is springtime. and my other new show is "spring baking championship." this is a beautiful springtime dessert. >> awesome. >> and then a little bit of walnuts. look how beautiful. >> look how gorgeous! that was such a great one. >> super simple. >> awesome. >> and by the way, look at these, kath! >> what have you done? >> ladies. this one is for you. because i figured, listen, if i'm going oh to cook for you guys, if i want something to get into your mouth, hi to put it in a wine glass. >> that's right! >> thank you, sweetie. >> we really appreciate it. >> you can find the recipe on >> they play more than 5,000 live shows and now you can add one more to that list. cheap trick! >> thank you. there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d
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i recommend nature made vitamins. because i trust their quality. they were the first to have a vitamin verified by usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended
10:46 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
10:47 am
10:48 am
the citi concert series on
10:49 am
you by citi. >> after more than 40 years, these legendary rockers still want you -- >> want us to want them. >> no, want us to want you! >> i know, but -- you know. >> and do we ever. we're about talking about the one, the only -- cheap trick. >> they sold 20 million al bucks and their latest dropped last week. it's called -- >> "bang zoom crazy". let's welcome robin and rick. >> by the way, congratulations to you guys. >> yes, to you guys. >> thank you. >> rock and roll hall of fame. >> tomorrow night. >> how does that feel? >> it feels good. >> an honor. >> of course it is. but did you think it would ever happen? >> no. >> good! >> but we have to thank our fans. >> yeah, we started before the hall of fame even exists. >> there you go. so what are you playing for us today? >> we're playing a new song. >> it's a new single, actually
10:50 am
i love that you guys keep -- i know people love to hear your hits but it's so fun you're playing a new one for us. >> take it away. >> the 17th! here they are! cheap trick! i never thought it would be like this before
10:51 am
well maybe i didn't understand all you wanted was a one night stand never thought that i would beg like this for more these days i wonder how i'm going to make it tomorrow these days i have to beg if i want to borrow i'm here on my knees please be here when i wake up
10:52 am
i never felt like this before my love is flowing out for sure your lips upon my skin come out and let me in now never thought i'd beg like this for more these days i wonder how i'm gonna make it tomorrow in these ways i'm praying there's no need for sorrow
10:53 am
these ways i'll have to beg if i want to borrow your love here i'm on my knees please be here when i wake up tomorrow >> woo! >> "when i wake up tomorrow when you wake up tomorrow, you'll be on your way to the hall of fame! >> i wish i would wake up with you two tomorrow. >> thank you so much! >> i love all of this, by the way. >> oh! >> thank you, guys! >> tomorrow, bobbi thomas. but first, this is "today" on nbc. come here.
10:54 am
10:56 am
all right.
10:57 am
>> "today" contributor, bobbi thomas! >> buzzing with everything to keep you dry and stylish. . >> so cute! >> umbrellas look fantastic. >> yeah. >> you'll see that it's soft on
10:58 am
poke people. >> oh! >> what a good -- >> love you, sweetie. tomorrow, prom edition of "say yes to the dress." have a great day, everybody!
10:59 am
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